Spacepoint is a purpose built building constructed for companies active in the space segment. The building combines high quality office space with meeting rooms, clean room(s), workshops and canteenbuil-1a facilities.

Spacepoint is located on the Noordwijk Space Business Park on the south side of Noordwijk, The Netherlands and close to the European Space Agency establishment (ESA-ESTEC).


The building covers 3000 sqm and is construction using a modern modular technique. Apart from office space, each floor has common areas which include meeting rooms and general facilities.


Rental & Service Costs

The cost for rental space starts at 142 Euro per sqm per year, excluding BTW and services cost.

Telephone /internet infrastructure costs are included within the service charge; usage of telephones is charged separately and invoiced per quarter.

All prices quoted are excluding BTW

If you require further information please do not hesitate to contact us.